Cancer Therapy
 Neutron has been in the cobalt-60 teletherapy business for approximately 4 decades.  Although we are not currently authorized to fabricate sources           
  of our own, we are authorized to sell sources, maintain teletherapy units, transfer sources to and from teletherapy units, decommission (remove)              
  teletherapy units, sell and install remanufactured teletherapy units, etc.
       We have performed work on virtually all types of teletherapy units, including those manufactured by:

**      AECL/Theratronics/MDS Nordion/Best
**      Picker/AMS/ATC
**      Alcyon/CIS-Bio
**      Siemens
**      Toshiba

**      Keleket-Barnes
**      Philips
**      TEM Instruments
**      Westinghouse