Unique Log-in-Stream Approach

    One advantage of the gel log is that it lends itself to a unique method of flocculant dosing which we call "log-in-stream".  In this application, the logs
    are stategically placed in the stream to be treated and the water simply dissolves the polymer as it flows past the log.  Doses can be varied by the
    number of logs placed in the stream.  Some applications require only a handful of logs, while others require dozens.

    This approach has proven particularly effective in applications such as retention ponds for the sand and gravel industry or on construction projects.

    In this manner, nonionic, anionic and low functionality cationic polymers have been used safely in potentially environmentally sensitive locations for
    several years.  Neutron Products can supply a test kit which includes small cubes of several different polymers.  The optimum product for each
    application can be selected by simply adding different cubes to individual jars containing the water to be treated, and shaking the jars until flocs have

    No utilities are required, so the log-in-stream approach is attractive for remote locations where electricity may not be available.

    When properly configured, this system provides superior cost-performance results when compared with the use of conventional flocculants.

    As these applications use relatively small amounts of polymer, on-site visits are generally not practical.  However, Neutron Products can supply
    technical advice by telephone to help optimize the configuration of the log-in-stream treatment system.  
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Log in Stream Carrier
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