Toll Blending for Solids and Liquids

     For dry ingredients, Neutron’s blending equipment includes:

**      A 200 cu. ft. twin shell stainless steel Patterson-Kelley blender

**      A double cone stainless steel blender

**      The capability to fill these blenders with nitrogen prior to the introduction of the dry ingredients to be blended

**      Packaging stations, complete with calibrated weighing systems

**      Ancillary equipment such as baghouse, vacuum system, etc.

For uniformly mixing small amounts of liquid ingredients into dry ingredients, Neutron’s equipment includes:

**      A 50 hp Henschel high speed mixer

**      The injection system required to introduce modest amounts of liquid ingredients to be blended with the dry product

**      Nitrogen purging capabilities, as necessary

For liquid blending or powder dissolution, Neutron’s equipment includes:

**      10,000 gallon stainless steel mix tanks

**      10,000 gallon stainless steel storage tanks

**      A reliable supply of deionized water

**      Inventory of basic chemicals, such as truckload quantities of caustic

**      Circulating pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

**      70 tons of chiller capacity

**      Supplies of nitrogen and compressed air

**      The capability of adding truckload quantities of powders to a mix tank for dissolution purposes

**      The capability of making truckload quantities of concentrated, highly viscous polymer solutions